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DL44 ANH Kit

Price: $250.00
Out of stock
Item Number: DL44-ANH
DL44 ANH Version Blaster Kit

Some parts are made from cast pewter, some parts machined from solid billet aluminum

This is a hobby model kit, fitting/finishing/assembly required

- Scope (aluminum), lens retainers (brass), lenses (mineral glass), scope knob (free brass upgrade!!!)
- scope mount (cast pewter-LOW MELT 300 F), crossbar (aluminum), w/ hardware
- flash hider (aluminum), barrel (aluminum),
- grill (cast pewter), track (cast pewter), antenna (aluminum),

Can fit on the real 1896 Mauser, M712, Denix C96 replica, & MGC replica (base gun not included in kit)
We offer the Denix prepped base frame, go to the product page to order.

ANH build guidelines

Do not over tighten the screws/threads

Scope Lens Reticle, you can scale this picture to the size of the lens (25.1 mm) and print it on clear sheet.

Dimensions for the Denix base frame:

The nut included in the crossbar hardware is to support the stud inside of the magwell: