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1/3 Scale DL44 Kit

Price: $150.00
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Item Number: DL44K
1/3 Scale version of the DL44 ANH Kit

Clearance Sale !!!

This is a hobby model kit and will require: deburing, finishing, fitting, & assembly.

Kit includes all parts required to make the ANH version as shown above, paint and finishings not included.

Assembly Guidelines:

- Paint frame black, do not bake paint on this is low melt pewter 300F
- mount, screws, barrel and flash hider are steel and can be blued or painted black
- Do Not overtighten screws, they are fine threads
- Paint inside of scope tube flat matte black

- After finishing Barrel and frame glue barrel on to frame matching up the flats on the bottom

- After finishing scope and knob parts use a pointed tool in the dimples of the knob screw to install
- Peel plastic off of the plastic lenses and glue in to the ends of the scope

- Washers go in between mount and frame

- Lightly sand inside corners of the grips to fit, install with hardware

- Glue track and antenna on top of barrel behind the flash hider, glue grill on front of frame

Finished Model (Photo Courtesy Pat Matera):