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Item Number: C96
Denix replica Mauser for the ANH kit

This is a prepped cast Zinc base frame for the ANH version kit
The TFA kit can be modified to fit this frame.
Fitting/finishing still required.

- barrel is cut
- mount studs installed
- grip frame is cut out
- "mystery" disk is machined into frame
- comes with a set of wood grips, see below for grip instructions.

This is a replica model toy and does not fire.
The slide and trigger function, but there is no hole in the receiver.
This item is not available for sale outside the continental US due to shipping regulations.

Grip Instructions:
- Insert hardware after fitting/finishing.
- After fitting, you can rub the grips with linseed oil or mineral oil to preserve the wood.

- Filing/sanding required to fit the frame, dry fit to the frame and file an angle on the top to match the frame

- Using a drill press, put in a drill bit that goes through the brass hardware.
- Lay the grip flat, and slide the hardware on the drill, make sure the large chamfer side is down to engage the grip.
- Press the hardware all the way down, the top should be flush to slightly lower than the surface of the grip.
- You might have to put a small washer over the drill first so it is on top of the hardware depending on how small your chuck is.