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DL44 ANH Kit

Price: $250.00
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Item Number: DL44-ANH
DL44 ANH Version Blaster Kit

This is a hobby model kit, Fitting / Finishing / Assembly required.

Items Included:
- Scope (aluminum)
- Scope Lens Retainers (brass)
- Lenses (mineral glass)
- Scope Knob (free detailed brass upgrade!!!)

- Scope Mount (cast pewter-LOW MELT 300 F)
- Mount Crossbar (aluminum), w/ hardware

- Flash Hider (aluminum)
- Barrel (aluminum)

- Grill (pewter), track (3D printed), antenna ( aluminum),

Can fit on the real 1896 Mauser, M712, Denix C96 replica, & MGC replica (base gun not included)
We offer the Denix prepped base frame, go to the product page to order.

ANH build guidelines

Do not over tighten the screws/threads

Scope Lens Reticle, you can scale this picture to the size of the lens (25.1 mm) and print it on clear sheet.

Dimensions for the Denix base frame:

The nut included in the crossbar hardware is to support the stud inside of the magwell: