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Droid Caller Kit

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Item Number: DC-ANH
Droid Caller Kit

Based on the ANH version, measured from an original vintage unit.
This is a replica model kit: deburing, fitting, finishing/painting, and assembly required.
All parts are machined from quality solid billet materials.
Includes all parts required as shown above.

Assembly Guidelines:

Wash machined parts in warm lightly soapy water (soft liquid soap), rinse thoroughly, and force air dry completely.

- flash button body
- timer button assy.
- head insert
- head thumbscrew

Debur rough edges and dry fit parts before painting/finishing.

Assemble contact pin housing

Glue into head, all the way up to the shoulder inside

Put spring and button in timer body, holding the button in screw the set screw to touch the flat,
then back out slightly so the button functions, you can put a dot of glue on the set screw to hold it in place

Screw timer body in to head

Flash button:
Put screw in from inside, put on spring and button body, screw plastic button onto the screw

Quick release ring:
- slide the ring on to the steel insert in the head
- screw the small set screw in to oval slot in steel insert
- put spring and ball into handle
- screw handle on to ring making sure the ball seats in the radius cutout

Connecting ring:
- Screw timer lever on ring, put screw into countersunk hole, put dot of glue on thread and tighten to desired
tension making sure the lever still moves
(instead of glue on the timer lever screw, you could very gently tap the screw on its side with a small hammer
so that it goes in the hole with friction to hold it in place)
- glue button on same side as screw

Screw connecting ring into head with two short screws, timer lever notch faces into the head

Screw body on to ring with two long screws, make sure notch in body lines up with timer lever

Put balls in T-slot and screw on spring

Screw T-slot on head

Battery insert will hold one 9 volt or three AAA batteries

Paint to match original unit or as desired,
- paint the indent above the timer lever red
- the bottom of the head is gloss black
- the body is flat matte black wrinkle paint
The aluminum can be buffed with fine steel wool to give a satin effect or left raw