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M19 Scope Kit

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Item Number: M19S
Replica M19 Scope model kit

This is a hobby model kit and will require filing/sanding, finishing, and assembly.
Original scope pictured above.

This kit includes:
- cast pewter body (low melt 300F) machined out for brass ends
- machined brass ends and lens retainers
- front brass end engraved with description and serial number
- glass (large) and plastic (small) lenses
- plastic plug for light port, hold a keychain flashlight to it and light up the inside!
- machined steel mount screws, 10-32 thread size
- machined steel set screws, 2-56 thread size
- metal wire for light port clip

Build Guidelines:
- do not over tighten screws, and be careful not to cross thread the screws,
- the original body and ends were painted black, weathering would be a nice effect,
- the plastic light port can be glued in with the pointed side in the body,
- set screws and rear retainer screws are 2-56 thread, mount screws are 10-32,

Front Retainer:
- after painting the body black, wipe white paint in the lettering,
- insert lens, screw in lens retainer and mark the position of the set screw,
- using a file/rotary tool make a small dimple in the retainer where the set screw goes, the set screw might also have to be filed,
- front retainer assembly is secured to the body with a set screw, (and maybe a dot of glue)

- bend wire around the groove in the light port body as shown in the picture,
- start at the bottom and wrap each side up to the top,
- cut ends to leave a 2-3 mm gap at the top,

- file/sand to shape, wet sanding is recommended,
- paint inside flat matte black,
- paint outside semi-gloss black,
- the original unit was a rough sand casting so you can sprinkle some fine sand on the first coat of wet paint,
  then when that dries paint another coat to give the sand cast effect,
- the 2 set screws that go in the triangular flat get screwed in with some glue to keep them from comming out,

Original item pictures for reference: