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Scope Knob ANH

Price: $50.00
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Item Number: SK-ANH
Scope Knob Assembly for the ANH Kits

- Detailed, machined from Solid Brass.
- Moveable.
- Pin and Screws included.
- Deburring / finishing required.

Assembly Tips:
- To make the knobs fit tighter, file/sand the bottom of the center post, keeping it as square as possible.
   This can be done by placing the post on the drill press table with the bottom of the post facing up.
   Use a face sanding disk (dremel, etc.) large enough to cover the whole surface.
   With the drill press on low speed, gently press the sanding disk on the bottom of the post.

- To make the knobs fit looser, rub the face of the bottom knob on sand paper to make it thinner.
   Again keeping it as square as possible.
   Place the sand paper on a hard surface, not cardboard / rug, etc.

- The pin is pressed in to the upper knob and can be filed shorter if desired.
   Pin material is stainless steel.