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Sonic Penlight

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Item Number: SP
Sonic Penlight - 2nd Doctor Version

Based On Original Version

- Machined from solid aluminum and plastic billet.
- accurate bulb included.
- momentary on / release off  button function.
- requires 2 AAA (triple A) batteries (batteries not included).
- comes assembled ready to go, each item tested before shipping.


- unscrew the Aluminum Body from the plastic Cylinder
- remove 1 metal washer and 1 plastic washer from the inside of the Body
( not all units need the plastic washer so it may not be included )
- make sure the Bulb is screwed into the aluminum socket and is in the body bulb first
- insert 2 AAA (triple A) batteries with the positive end touching the light bulb,
  and the positive end of the second battery touching the first battery
- put the 1 plastic washer on top of the batteries, and then the metal washer on top of the plastic washer
( the smaller diameter on the metal washer must go in first )
- carefully screw the Aluminum Body back into the plastic Cylinder taking care not to cross the threads
- if the Body gets scuffed up just polish it with fine steel wool