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Sonic Penlight Alt

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Item Number: SPA
Sonic Penlight Alternate Version

This is the alternate version to the screen used prop.

- Machined from solid billet aluminum and plastic

- Accurate bulb included
- requires 2 AAA (triple A) batteries (batteries not included).
- comes assembled ready to go, each item tested before shipping.
- Full on/off and Momentary on/off functions


- unscrew the Aluminum Body from the plastic Cylinder.
- remove 1 metal washer and 1 plastic washer from the inside of the Body.
( plastic washer is not needed on all units so it may not be included )
- make sure the Bulb is screwed into the aluminum socket and is in the body bulb first.
- insert 2 AAA (triple A) batteries with the positive end touching the light bulb,
  and the positive end of the second battery touching the first battery.
- put the 1 plastic washer on top of the batteries, and then the metal washer on top of the plastic washer.
( the smaller diameter on the metal washer must go in first )
- carefully screw the Aluminum Body back into the plastic Cylinder taking care not to cross the threads.
- if the Body gets scuffed up just polish it with fine steel wool.

End Cap Upgrade:

It has come to my attention that new research has been done that shows there is a different style
of button end for the Sonic Penlight.  I have been asked about making upgrades to reflect these changes.
To read up on the new information, I would suggest checking out Lee Moone's blog regarding his
excellent find and research, Click Here

To apply the end cap upgrade to versions purchased before April 2, 2019:
- Unscrew the Aluminum Body from the plastic Cylinder.
- Unscrew the Aluminum Cap from the Cylinder, save the spring and clip.
- Put the clip on the new plastic end cap and screw into the plastic Cylinder.
- Insert plastic button into end cap.
- Put spring back on post.
- Put one plastic washer on the batteries.
- Put the new metal washer on top of the plastic washer, making sure the step goes on
top of the plastic washer, this will "seat" it in the aluminum Body.
( the new metal washer solves the problem of having to have the clip in contact with the
body for the light to work, now the clip does not have to be in contact with the body for
the light to go on !!! )

- Screw together as normal.